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Expedition Plus Canoe Paddle

by: Bending Branches

The Bending Branches Expedition Plus wood canoe paddle stands up under the extreme conditions of long wilderness trips and whitewater.



Bending Branches Expedition Plus Canoe Paddle

Paddlers who require endurance and control will love the T-Grip and Rockgard protection from tip to 6" up the shaft. A fiberglass blade wrap further protects the butternut and basswood blade for maximum durability. Made of closed grain, light weight, durable hardwoods, these paddles are both attractive and versatile for the paddlers who take their time on the water more seriously. Designed for flat water cruising on lakes and rivers. Rugged enough for heavy use – strong shafts, resin-tipped blades. Fiberglass-wrapped blades, good for heavy use in wilderness tripping.



Weight: 24oz  Available Lengths: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 (in)  Additional Features: 4oz Fiberglass covering blade Shaft Material: 21 Laminate Baswood  Blade Material: Basswood and Butternit  Blade Size:  8 x 20" Surface Area:  126 Square inches

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