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MB2: Intermediate Trail Skills (Morning, Ages 7-10)

by: Olympic Outdoor Center

Time to kick it up a notch! Your mountain biker now has some basic skills so we help them take their riding to the next level. We take on more challenging trails and crank out more miles. Be careful, after this camp your child may be passing you on the trails.


MB2: Intermediate Trail Skills (Morning, Ages 7-10)

In our intermediate camp kids spend more time on the trails refining the skills from camp one, and working on smooth riding in mixed uphill and downhill conditions. We ride new trails and variable terrain while practicing more advanced cornering, riding on and over bigger obstacles, and how to pay close attention to trail features and learn how to approach new challenges with confidence. Riders also learn about trail maintenance and the hard work and creativity that goes into making the perfect trail. 

In our second week our instructors go into greater depth and teach kids how to repair flats, fix chains, and keep their bike running smoothly year round. 

*Pre-requisite - MB1 or equivalent.


WhereMeet and pickup Location: Parking Lot On Stottelmeyer. Click here for Directions.
 Stottlemeyer Rd NE, Poulsbo, WA, United States
Coordinates:  47°47'19"N 122°35'42"W

When: Start at 9am and off the trails and cleaned up by 1pm

*Please arrive by 9am or a few minutes before so the camp can start on time, and be ready to pick your child up at 1pm. 

Things To Bring:

Please put your name on your belongings and bring them in a back pack:

  •     Mountain Bike (rentals available)
  •     Helmet
  •     Hardy lunch and snacks with little sugar and lots of protein.
  •     Sun hat & toque
  •     Sunscreen
  •     Sun glasses with strap
  •     long pants
  •     Short or long sleeve t-shirt depending on the weather.
  •     Warm jacket, not cotton (fleece is best)
  •     Rain gear or light jacket.
  •     Good tennis shoes, no flip flops or sandals

Please bring your own healthy, filling lunch, snacks and appropriate clothing for each day along with a functioning mountain bike and helmet. If you do not have a bike or helmet, please contact us and let us know your child's height, weight, age and biking experience.

Questions? Contact Olympic at or (360) 297-4659.

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